3 Alternate Uses of Stemless Wine Glasses

While picking out a stemless wine glass from a glassware store, you might have realized that its particular shape is ideal for many other uses apart from just serving wine. They are more affordable as their stemless design gets rid of various complexities involved in its making. This simplicity in design is one reason why you should buy stemless wine glasses.

Besides the exceptional drinking experience that they provide, you can easily reuse these glasses for a variety of purposes in your home. Some alternate ways of using stemless wine glasses at home are described below.

Bud Vase

The simple yet appealing shape of a stemless wine glass makes it perfect for reusing as a bud vase. The base of the glass offers steady support than a normal wine glass that get tipped over due to weight imbalance. A stemless wine glass has a wider bowl that can hold more water, thus making it suitable for keeping your buds.

Fill the glass with water or nutrient rich solution and then place a bud making sure that its stem is resting on the trim. You can also fill the glass with gel beads; it will create an appealing vase, and you can keep it anywhere in your home such as bathrooms, bedrooms, or even on your study table.

Makeup Brush Holder

Makeup brushes are prone to damage if they are not stored properly. Their delicate hairs can get damaged or gather dust if placed in the closet without any covering. Storing them in an upright position with the brushes pointing upwards is necessary for easy use and protection of the bristles.

You can easily repurpose a stemless wine glass for this purpose, as it can hold your makeup brushes more conveniently. These wine glasses are more compact in their form and occupy less space in the cabinet.

Serving Chilled Salads

Usually, the cups used for serving ice cream are not big enough to serve chilled fruit salad or other desserts. However, the wide bowl and capacity of a stemless wine glass can hold in more amounts of chilled salads or dessert, and they are also easy to carry around while eating, as the glass is designed for offering sufficient grip.

Simply mix in the salad inside the glass and add a few small cubes of ice to preserve the chill. You can use a steel fork to mush the salad in the glass and eat it comfortably.

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