3 Alternate Uses of Shot Glasses at Home

Shot glasses are essential additions to every home bar and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are used to intake drinks such as Tequila or Whiskey in a concentrated form with one single gulp. They are small and are therefore easy to accommodate anywhere whether it is inside shelves or on the top of refrigerators.

Mostly, shot glasses are not that necessary in homes, as most people prefer to enjoy drinks in diluted forms in large drinking glasses comfortably at home. Shot glasses are only suited to use in any special occasions such as a party and therefore lie unused most of the time. However, there are numerous alternative uses of shot glasses in homes besides consuming alcoholic drinks.

It is much easier to repurpose a shot glass due to their relatively small size, design variants, and sturdier construction. Below are 3 of the most popular alternate uses of shot glasses at home.

Small Decorative Flower Vase

Shot glasses are ideal for use as a tiny flower vase due to their unique design and smaller size. They can be used to hold certain indoor flowering plants and their small size means that the glasses can be kept even in confined spaces.

The design of shot glasses also makes them perfect for use as flower vases. They feature a thick base with a widening body that balances the weight thus making it steady on uneven surfaces. Placing flowering plants or any other indoor plants in shot glasses will surely enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living space.

Dessert Serving Cups

Choosing the right sized cups for serving desserts often ends up with the wrong one. Smaller glasses are ideal for enjoying a scoop of desserts and shot glasses come right in that category.

It is easy to serve desserts in shot glasses as they are much easier to hold and their wide body will help in easily consuming the contents. In fact, using shot glasses are the best economical way to serve desserts during any event rather than going for specialized glasses.

Storing Bathroom Accessories

Shot glasses can also be used to keep any bathroom accessories such as toothbrush, toothpicks, manicure equipment, etc. The thicker base of shot glasses ensures that it does not tumble due to weight imbalance.

Besides, a shot glass can be kept on any surface of the bathroom whereas a conventional bathroom holder can only be hung on the walls. This further makes sure that the bathroom accessories are easily accessible.

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