3 Different Types of Champagne Glasses

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Drinking champagne in the right glassware is particularly important for enjoying the maximum flavor and aroma of the drink. That is why champagne glasses are specially designed to give the best drinking experience.

Champagne glasses are available in different types and vary chiefly in their size, shape, and other designs. Each champagne glass offers a different drinking experience and has specific purposes such as aroma diffusion, aeration, and flavor enhancement. Therefore, selecting the right type of champagne glass is very much important to suit with one’s drinking preferences. Described below are the three different types of champagne glasses available in the market.


The champagne flute glass has similar design features like a thin wine glass. The flute consists of a long stem supported by a wide pedestal that offers good support when placed on tables or other flat surfaces. The shape of the bowl is slender and its elongated shape can accommodate more champagne than other glass types.

The shape of the glass has other advantages as well, such as preventing spills due to the formation of froth upon pouring. The flute glass is also much easier to hold as the long stem provides sufficient grip. Moreover, it will also prevent the champagne from getting warmed as the hands are kept away from the bowl, and that helps to keep the flavor of the drink intact.


The tulip-shaped glass is yet another commonly used glass for serving champagne. The bowl shape of a tulip glass features a wider base and narrow top. This shape serves a vital purpose of trapping the aromas within the bowl without escaping. When drinking, this aroma gets dissipated into the nose that can literally enhance the drinking experience.

Just like the flute, a champagne tulip glass also consists of a longer stem and wide base. This prevents heat transfer from the palms of the drinker to the drink, while also making sure that the bowl is smudge free.

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The coupe, also known as champagne saucer, is another type of champagne glass that bears a resemblance to cocktail glasses. It differs solely on the design of its bowl that is rather wide and short, which can accommodate only a small quantity of champagne.

The traditional design of the coupe glass can give a more refined drinking experience and it is perfect for consuming small quantities of champagne quickly. It is also easy to hold because of its long stem and wide base that prevents smudges and heat transfer, thus preserving the flavor of the champagne.

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