3 Types of Desserts you can Serve in Shot Glasses

Shot glass will get an accurate measurement of the drinks, even though there may be no mandatory size for a shot glass. In the US, standard shot glasses range in between 1.25 to 1.5 ounces in general, and they are used mainly at bars and cocktail parties for taking shots of Tequila, Vodka, or liqueur cocktails.

Although most people prefer shot glasses to standard drinking glasses in cocktail parties, they are also used to serve homemade desserts. Below are three different types of desserts you can serve in shot glasses at home. Transform your party with the below desserts and experience the difference when guests admire them.

Strawberry Shortcake Shots

Pour the honey on a plate, dip the rim of the shot glass in it, and then add crushed graham crackers to the rim. Then, combine strawberries, ice cream, and cake and blend them with bare hands until smooth. When done, fill the blend into the shot glass and place the whip of ice cream with cherries on top to garnish the strawberry shortcake shot.

Brownie Sundaes

Place half portion of brownie at the base of a large shot glass. Now lace the whip of ice cream in a plastic bag and make an opening in the corner for squeezing the ice cream into the shot glass. Add red cherries into the shot glass, put the other half of the brownie into it, and top it off with a whip of ice cream. Garnish with coconut flakes to make the brownie sundae more appealing.

White Chocolate Mousse

Heat up half a cup of whipped ice cream on a saucepan – medium to gradually hot. Now add white chocolate and peppermint extract into the pan. Mix well and place the hot dessert in the freezer for 10 minutes to make it thick. Whisk the frozen dessert by half to make it thicker if you want. Keep the dessert in the refrigerator so that you can serve the mousse in shot glasses when guests arrive for dinner.

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