The 3 Types of Margarita Glasses

Margarita, which is a mixture of triple sec, limejuice, and Tequila, is one of the best cocktails to have. If you are a person who loves to drink cocktails, then you might have tried Margarita at least once in your life. It is true that Margarita can be served in a wide variety of glasses, but most of the bars and restaurants serve the drink in a typical Margarita glass, which is actually a type of Champagne coupe.

Many people who drink Margarita on a regular basis usually pay no attention to the glassware that they are using to have the drink. They claim that what matters to them is the quality of the content within the glass and not the glass. However, it is crucial to understand that the type of glassware that you are using has a great impact on your drink.

This means that Margarita lovers who use an inappropriate glass will not be able to enjoy their drink to its fullest. This is because a wrong glass may dampen the flavors of the drink and make it less delicious. So, if you wish to avoid such hassles and wish to make the most of your drinking experience, then below are the 3 types of Margarita glasses to choose from.

Welled Margarita Glass

Welled Margarita glass is one of the most commonly used glassware for a standard Margarita. The wide rim of the glass allows you to add extra salt, sugar, or garnishes, while the well of the glass allows you to fill more drink. The elegant design of welled Margarita glass helps users to hold it comfortably even when it is filled with a larger volume of drink.

Saucer Margarita Glass

Another popular type of glassware that is used to serve and drink Margarita is the saucer Margarita glass. This glass is hemispherical in shape and it doesn’t have a well at the bottom. This glassware still has plenty of room to add garnishes and rim salt and it is also capable of preserving the taste and flavor of the drink.

Martini Glass

Even though Martini glass is designed for the sole purpose of serving a Martini, several cocktail lovers use this glass to serve and drink exotic varieties of Margarita. A pink strawberry cocktail or an orange mango Margarita inside a Martini glass will look stunning and taste delicious.

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