5 Ways to Reuse Crystal Glass Decanters at Home

Crystal glass decanters, with their trademark shape and design, can serve numerous other purposes besides just serving wine. In fact, you can convert your crystal decanter for a variety of decorative and functional purposes at your home. The crystal build of this decanter makes it more appealing especially when used for decorative purposes. Below are 5 ways to reuse crystal decanters at home.

Hanging Pendant Lamps

Crystal glass decanters due to its unique shape are perfect for using as pendant lights at your home. It can be hung anywhere and the crystal ensures that the light gets dissipated well with a soft glow. For reusing it as a pendant lamp, you need to cut out the bottom portion of the crystal decanter. Then insert a bulb holder with wiring attached and secure it to the neck of the decanter using glue or adhesive tape. Attach a warm color bulb inside and hang it in your living room or dining area for illuminating the spaces.

Flower Vases

Crystal decanters are perfect for using as flower vases at your home. The embossed glass patterns of a crystal decanter make it perfect for use as vases to keep your flowers. Compared to a normal vase, a crystal decanter is easy to place anywhere, since most of them come with a flat bottom. Fill the decanter with water or a nutrient rich solution, and then place in the flowers through the top.

Keeping Mouthwash

Crystal decanters are perfect for keeping mouthwash for easy use in the bathroom. You can get rid of the mouthwash plastic packaging and pour the contents into the decanter. It is advised to clean the decanter by rinsing it well before you store mouthwash in it. After pouring in the mouthwash solution, cover it with the decanter lid for safe storage. It is much easier to refill the mouthwash stored in a crystal decanter making it suitable for repeated usage.

Candle Holders

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Crystal decanters can serve the purpose of a candleholder well by carrying out slight modifications. You need to remove the lid and insert a cylindrical hollow piece made from copper or other metal to hold the candle, so that it fits perfectly. You can also fill the decanter with sand or any colored powder for placing in the candle firmly.

Decorative Pieces

Simply keeping a crystal decanter on the shelves is a sure way to attract attention. The design of crystal decanters makes them perfect for use as decorative pieces on shelves or tabletops. You can even fill it with colored gel balls to spice up the look and then place it anywhere where there is sufficient light.

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