• 3 Types of Cocktail Glasses

    If you are new to the world of cocktails, you will find it a little bit difficult to make your own cocktails in the beginning. You will not only have to measure, stir, and pour the drink in right proportions, but also have the right cocktail glasses at hand to...
  • Types of Cocktail Glasses and Their Uses

    Most of the cocktail lovers in the country usually store more than a couple of elegant cocktail glasses at their home and take them out only during special occasions. Some do this only to make their drink look a little bit more beautiful and to admire the beauty of it...
  • What you Should Know about Highball and Lowball Glasses

    Bartenders and cocktail lovers follow the traditional method of mixing drinks and they usually have a few different types of glasses at their disposal to serve these drinks. In most cases, the choice of glasses depends on the ingredients that they are mixing to make the cocktail. However, two of...

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