Why Choosing the Right Glass Cups Matter

Oftentimes, tea lovers tend to sip their aromatic piping hot tea in a glass cup. The taste of tea tends to differ even as the aroma remains the same as always. Although the elementary purpose of using kettles, teapots, infusers, and mugs is to deliver the best tea at right brewing temperatures, a taste difference may be caused due to the type of glass you use on a regular basis.

The chemical compositions of the tea cup may affect the heat transfer, porosity, and taste of the drink. Tea cups come in countless shapes, styles, and sizes, but material matters when picking a glass cup for piping hot tea. Tea cups can be of many different materials such as ceramic, stoneware, porcelain, plastic, melamine or glass; which is why, you need to choose the right cup to get the best feel and experience of the drink.

Four qualities may influence the tea’s taste – the aroma on the initial sip, the ‘mouth feel’, the taste in the mid portions, and the aftertaste of hot tea. Glass is the most preferred material when it comes to both teapots and mugs, as glass is non-porous and does not counteract the original aroma and flavor of tea. Besides that, glass cups are also transparent and add to the aesthetic appeal of the drink.

The quality and make of glass also plays a key role in the popularity of glass cups. Borosilicate, for instance, is a type of glass that has boric oxide and silicate ingredients. Drinking piping hot tea in borosilicate glasses will trap the temperature inside the glass and maintain an even taste with less corrosion. Passionate tea and coffee lovers realize that the porous nature of a standard mug can trap the aroma on the initial sip, making the piping hot tea cool off quickly, and may even induce an aftertaste that is bad to the taste.

Glass cups, on the other hand, are non-porous and continuously keep the temperature of the drink at the ideal state, offering the best feel and experience of drinking tea. Check out the latest collection of glass tea cups and glass coffee mugs at our online store to find the finest glassware for your needs.

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