Choosing Unique Glassware for your Cocktails

A cocktail drinking experience will not be complete if you do not serve the drink in the right glassware. Choosing a unique cocktail glass will surely add to the delight of having the drink. To help you with that, below is a guide to the different types of glassware and the drinks you can consume in them.

Moscow Mule Mug

Moscow Mule is a cocktail made of vodka, ginger beer, and lime mixture. It was formerly served in copper mugs; that is during the 1940's. The copper metal will add to the cold temperature of the cocktail drink and will offer a cooler sensation to the consumer.

Other than the cooling effect, the copper metal will also boost up all the flavors of the cocktail mixture. This is because the copper will start oxidizing once you pour the cocktail into the glass and will enhance the taste and aroma of the drink.

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sour is almost a petite version of a wine glass. The glass comes with a thick stem so that you can hold and balance the drink well. Similarly, the narrow top w

Stella Highball Glasses

ill intensify the taste and aroma of the cocktail.

This is mainly used to serve any traditional drink with limejuice, base beer, sweetener, and egg white. Other than Whiskey Sour (the cocktail), you can also serve Amaretto Sour, Pisco Sour, Sidecar, and Kamikaze in this unique cocktail glass.

Zombie Glass

In 1930's, the Beachcomber restaurant of Hollywood invented a cocktail called the Zombie. This cocktail was originally served in a tall, narrow glass, which looked similar to the highball glass, but with a relatively less thick base.

The distinct feature of zombie glass is its length glass, which is capable of holding 13 to 14 ounce of drink. In addition to a zombie cocktail, you can also serve Tom Collins and Mojito in this glassware.

Cordial Glass

Cordial glasses are thinner, delicate, and are capable of holding only less amount of liquid. Ideally, these glasses are used to serve cocktails at various events and to serve liqueurs after dinner.

Although cordial glasses are small, the drinks served in it are meant to be sipped slowly. Moreover, the large bowl of this glassware will allow you to swish the drink in order to release its aroma and flavor.


The NEAT glass has a tulip-shaped body that helps to hold the aerated compounds of the liquid at its neck. On top of that, the large bowl with a bulbous shape will allow more aeration, resulting in the release of volatile compounds of alcohol.

The flared lips of the NEAT glass will oust the lighter vapors and hold the heavier vapor at the neck to enhance the taste and aroma of the drink. You can serve Whiskey Neat, Rye Neat, Scotch Neat, etc., in this glassware.

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