How to Clean your Shot Glasses

The best way to keep your shot glasses clean is to handle them as little as possible, as repeated washing can make the labels disappear. However, this might not be a feasible option for many of us. Shot glasses can get cloudy with repeated use. Some of the shot glasses in your collection can also get some mysterious deposits. Regardless of how the stain happened, the guidelines shared below will help you to clean your shot glasses with ease.

Getting Rid of Dirt

Make sure that you use the mildest of the soap available to clean your shot glasses. Make use of your fingers to lather the soap and do not use any washcloths, sponges, or any pads, as they can trap minute grit and sand particles that can scratch the glass. It is important for you to place a thick towel on the bottom of the sink before starting to wash the shot glasses. Fold the towel and place it on the bottom so that it covers the bottom of the sink completely.

You can run cold water before picking up the glasses to clean and lay the glasses on the towel. Make sure to hold the glasses close to the towel near to the bottom of the sink and not near to the tap. In addition, do not use any cleaners as they might contain strong chemicals that can harm the label or the glass. You can rinse the glass in distilled water after cleaning it.

The next thing is to dry the glass. You can use a thin cotton hand towel to dry the shot glasses after cleaning. You can buy a set of new 100% cotton hand towels to dry your shot glasses, but make sure not to use these towels for any other purpose. You can buy cotton lint-free glass towels online that can be used to dry the shot glasses.

It will be a good idea to wash the new towels to break them before using to dry the shot glasses. An important point here is that never dry the labels of the shot glasses by rubbing them. Just pat dry the labels and blow it lightly by your mouth. Once the shot glasses are cleaned, make sure not to touch them soon as it can leave skin oils and fingerprint marks on it. You can use one of the dry glass towels to handle them if necessary.

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