Common Materials Used to Make Shot Glasses

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Alcohol has been around us for more than thousands of years and manufacturers have designed a number of glasses to consume their drink over the centuries. The shot glass is one among them, a small glass with thick sides and bottom. Many alcohol lovers claim that the shot glass was originally developed in the Old West, but there is no evidence to support this claim.

Most of the shot glasses that are available on the market are made of actual glass. However, it is true that you can also find shot glasses made of other materials, although most of them are solely used for decorative purposes. This means that shot glasses that are not made of glass might not be ideal for serving alcoholic drinks. Below are some of the most common materials that are used for making shot glasses.


The most popular and widely used type of shot glass is the one that is made of glass. Shot glasses that are made of transparent glass allow alcohol lovers to see the color of their drink, which helps to improve the overall drinking experience. Moreover, drinkers will also be able to measure the amount of liquid inside, as they can easily see through the glass.


Most ceramic shot glasses are usually opaque, but they are a bit more colorful when compared to glass material. Moreover, ceramic and glass have almost the same weight and the only difference between the two materials is their transparency. Customers who own ceramic shot glasses note that some of these glasses are not suitable for drinking, as they might contain harmful toxic minerals.


You might be a little bit surprised to hear that manufacturers also use metals such as stainless steel, silver, and aluminum to design shot glasses. A silver shot glass usually comes as a part of a set and it is mainly used for décor purposes. Even though stainless steel, aluminum, and silver shot glasses are safe for drinking, it is best not to use them for drinking. This is because these glasses will affect the flavor and taste of your drink, which in turn, deprives you of a good drinking experience.

In addition to these three materials, some shot glass manufacturers use pewter too. However, the presence of toxic lead in pewter makes it unsuitable for drinking alcohol in such shot glasses.

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