Why Copa de Balon is the Perfect Gin and Tonic Glass

If you are a person who loves cocktails, then you must have certainly tried the highball cocktail, gin and tonic. This delicious cocktail is made by mixing gin and tonic water and then pouring the mixture over ice. Several cocktail lovers often use Tom Collins glass or a long glass to serve and drink the cocktail. However, many gin and tonic lovers have recently started to settle for a new type of glass, which is popularly known as Copa de Balon glass, instead of the long Tom Collins glass.

Most of the modern varieties of Copa de Balon glasses available in the market are bulbous in shape just like a balloon. In addition to that, these types of glasses sit on a stem and have a much more rounded shape when compared to Tom Collins and other long glasses.

The Copa de Balon glass was made in the Basque region of northern Spain back in the early 17th Century. The glassware was not that popular among Americans for a very long time, yet several bars and restaurants in the United States today use Copa de Balon glass to serve gin and tonic. This is because the design of the glass enables it to trap the aromas of gin, which in turn adds more taste to the gin and tonic mixture. In addition to that, the larger bowl of the glass allows cocktail lovers to add more lime and ice to the drink. This will not only increase the flavor of your drink but will also keep it cool and ensure a better drinking experience.

It is significant to note that the bowl shape of the Copa de Balon glass enables it to prevent the ice cubes in gin and tonic from melting and diluting the drink. Several chefs who work in hot temperature conditions use Bordeaux wine glasses to drink gin and tonic, as these types of glasses were able to keep their drink cool for a longer period. Copa de Balon glass can be the best alternative to such gin and tonic aficionados, as they are capable of keeping the coolness of the drink for a greater period of time without compromising its quality or flavor. So in short, gin and tonic lovers who wish to enjoy their drink to the fullest should use a Copa de Balon glass instead of a Tom Collins or any other long cocktail glass.

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