Creative Ideas to Enhance the Beauty of your Glass Candle Holders

Candles, being inexpensive and readily available, are good option to light-up the mood. You can use beautiful glass candle holders to decorate your home or for any specific occasion to raise the oomph factor. What’s more, you can take these occasions to the next level with your own personal touch; simply customize the glass candle holders.

You can customize glass candle holders easily and economically using laces, colored papers, paint, sugar sprinkles, etc. If you do not have a glass candle holder, you can do this using your shot glasses or wine glasses as well. Below are some creative tips you can try.

Using Colored Sand

Take a candle glass holder and fill it with colored sand in layers. For instance, fill red sand first, fill some green sand next, and then top it with yellow sand. You can use the sand colors that compliment your home décor or else you can go with contrasting sand colors.

Once you fill half of the candle holder, keep a small candle holder or any shot glass in it, with a candle. Mount it carefully and then fill the big candle holder with rest of the sand sensibly. Now light up the candle for a colorful and bright ambiance.

Using Tape and Spray Paint

This is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to enhance your glass candle holders for a perfect romantic dinner. Here, you have to stick the tape in certain shapes on the candle holders. You can try different patterns for different glasses.

Once you finished sticking the tape, just take your favorite color spray paint and apply it all over the glass. Let it dry for at least an hour, then take off the tape carefully, and you can see the beautiful pattern in colored glass candle holders. Light up the candles for a magical night.

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Using Sea Shells

Decorating your candle holders with sea shells will give a rustic and subtle ambiance. This is perfect for all the beach parties or you can use this for a romantic dinner too. Here, you have to take a comparatively big glass candle holder and fill ¼ of it with sand. Now, place some seashells in it. You can also use some colorful beads and pearls in it; just take care not to overdo with color beads, as it might spoil the look.

Once you fill the candle holder with the shells and beads, place the candle in it carefully and mount it well. Finally, light up the candle to take your evening to the next level.

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