Different Types of Insulated Coffee Mugs

The insulated coffee mug is a redesign of ordinary cups that has an additional heat-insulating layer. This layer acts as a shield to prevent the transfer of heat thereby keeping the contents inside at their right temperature.

Insulated coffee mugs are getting immensely popular these days and are used by many to enjoy coffee on the go. Coffee is best enjoyed when hot, which is just what an insulated coffee mug does – it maintains the temperature inside to make sure that the coffee does not get cold.  In fact, their design and heat retaining features make them perfect for travel as well as for schools and offices.

Insulated coffee mugs are available in different styles that enable in choosing the right one according to one’s preferences. There are different types of insulated cups available in the market and each of these types differs in their functionality and features. Below are some of the common types of insulated coffee mugs available out there.

Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Mugs

Stainless Steel is the most popular type of insulated coffee mug, thereby preferred by many. They feature a sleek design making them quite appealing and come in different styles too. Stainless Steel insulated coffee cups are equipped with a double wall feature, which maintains the hot or cold beverage in its right temperature for long periods.

A notable benefit of Stainless Steel insulated coffee mugs is that the outer surfaces of the mug retain the room temperature. This ensures that the coffee mug does not get too hot to touch. Moreover, Stainless Steel insulated coffee cups are fixed with handles and rubber grips that allow the user to hold them comfortably.

Plastic Insulated Coffee Mugs

Plastic insulated coffee mugs are also very popular and are used by many office-goers these days. One of the notable features of plastic insulated cups is that they are lightweight and do not get broken easily. Besides, users can also customize and personalize their mugs with any of their favorite logos or patterns.

Plastic insulated coffee mugs are also a great option to give as gifts or as promotional items for any kind of event. They also come with double wall feature giving them excellent heat retention properties. They also have handles that make them convenient to hold while drinking.

Paper Insulated Coffee Mugs

Another type of insulated coffee mug is paper-made. They are a great option and can be easily disposed off, making them perfectly safe for the environment. Paper insulated cups are also made of good insulating materials that can retain hot or cold beverages for a while. Besides, paper insulated cups nowadays also feature good construction making them ideal for travel.

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