Factors to Consider when Buying Vintage Glassware

The shape of the glassware, its color, and the markings on it, play a significant part in understanding the history of the glassware. Many vintage pieces bring sentimental value to people because they remind them of the past. However, it is true that most of us purchase vintage glassware pieces to decorate the kitchen or to add them to our priceless collections.

Unfortunately, most people have no clue on what to look for when they are purchasing a piece of vintage glassware. So to ease things up, below are a few factors that you must consider when buying vintage glassware.

Quality of the Glass

The first and foremost thing you should do is check the quality of the glassware. Ensure that the glassware has sufficient thickness and it is well manufactured. Investing in very thin glassware pieces is not a good idea because they don’t last for long as thick glassware pieces. However, if you are settling for thin glassware, be cautious when you are cleaning it.

Look for Surface Scratches

The next thing to do is to check the condition of the vintage glassware. The surface issues of drinking glasses are relatively easy to determine, as you will easily be able to see the dings, scratches, and other abrasions on the glass. If you identify any such issues, it is best not to buy them because scratches and marks appear only on poorly made glassware.

Break Free From the Set

If you are able to break free from the outlook that you should have a set of matching glasses, then you will be able to buy fine glassware pieces for an affordable price. Note that mismatched table settings have become a trend these days, especially because they add a unique style and flair to your dining table.

Look for Unique Pieces

Most of us have a glass set we rarely use. Collecting glassware will become a lot more entertaining and interesting when we look at them as art pieces. So, if you are buying vintage glassware pieces for your collection, look for unique pieces rather than settling for ordinary ones.


The final thing you will need to consider is what goes into the glassware. Stoneware crocks and other lidded pottery are undoubtedly the ideal choices for storing coffee, tea, and other dried ingredients. On the other hand, glass syrup and growler bottles are the perfect choices for storing liquid ingredients such as fresh juices and syrups.

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