How to Choose the Correct Glassware

Most people still find it hard to identify the right and appropriate glasses for serving different types of beverages. There are many glassware like highball glass, lowball glass, specialty glassware, etc., and so, choosing the right one for your drink can sometimes become a bit tricky. Still, you must serve the drink in the correct glassware in order to enjoy it completely. Below is an ultimate guide to different glasses and the proper way to use them.

Wine Glass

White Wine Glass

White wine glasses will have small mouth area in order to prevent the oxidization of the wine. This will retain the delicate and lighter notes of white wines as such.

Red Wine Glass

Red wine glasses will have a rounder and larger bowl, unlike a white wine glass, in order to aerate the wine faster and allow you to swirl your wine easily. There will be a long stem for this glassware to prevent the wine from getting warmer from your touch.

Flute Glass

A flute glass is perfect to serve the sparkling white wine, which requires an even smaller mouth area. This will prevent the bubbles from going flat easily. You can also use this to serve Champagne based cocktails.

Cocktail Glassware

Highball Glass

A highball glass is perfect to serve various mixed drinks or cocktails that include a large proportion of non-alcoholic drinks. Here, the drinks are decanted over ice.

Lowball Glass

The lowball glass is short glasses with a solid base, which can hold 6 to 8 ounces of the drink. This solid base is perfect for making cocktails with mashed ingredients.

Cocktail Glass

The classic cocktail glasses will resemble an inverted cone bowl. They usually come in the size of 3 to 6 ounces. The glass is designed in such a way that it lets you enjoy the tempting aromas of the cocktail, so that you can experience the drink to the fullest.

Specialty Glassware

Hurricane Glass

The hurricane cocktails are usually served in a glass that resembles the hurricane lamp and hence it got this name. These glasses are also used for serving specific cocktails.

Irish Coffee Glass

Irish coffee glasses are ideally used to serve hot beverages like a hot toddy or Irish coffee. These glasses are heat resistant and come with an attached handle so that you can hold the drink comfortably.

Martini Glass

The cocktail Martini was originally served in the cocktail glasses. However, in the 90's, a variety of vodka Martinis evolved, demanding a greater serving size. The current Martini glasses have a larger bowl and fully conical shape at the bottom, which distinguishes it from usual cocktail glasses.

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