Major Differences between Steel and Glass Shot Glasses

Shot glasses have been around for a long time and find use in bars to serve quick doses of any kind of alcohol. It is best used in serving whisky that requires consumption at a certain dose without the addition of any diluting substances like soda or water. Their design can hold less quantity of alcohol, and therefore, they are perfect to consume a drink in a single gulp.

Shot glasses are available in different shapes and sizes made by different manufacturers. However, shot glasses are not only made from glass but also from steel.

Both glass and steel shot glasses chiefly differ in many things mostly in their functionality and features. Some of these differences are only negligible but can significantly affect the drinking experience using the shot glass.

Understanding this is helpful when choosing a shot glass for use in home, bar, or restaurant. Moreover, determining whether a glass or steel short glass is better requires familiarity with their key differences.


The chief difference between a steel and glass shot glass is based on their durability. This is a critical factor since shot glasses undergo regular use and having the right amount of durability is much important in order to prolong its life.

Steel is a much durable material and does not break with rough usage or an accidental fall. Due to this, steel shot glasses are used in bars since its durable construction can withstand any impact during repeated usage.

Glass shot glasses, on the other hand, are less durable than steel and can break easily with rough usage. However, some of the modern methods of production adopted in glass shot glasses have resulted in an improvement of their durability, thereby enabling them to withstand harsh usage.


The other key difference between the two is in the aesthetic quality, as both steel and glass shot glasses can vary significantly in their looks. Glass shot glasses have clearly more aesthetic appeal due to its material and its transparent nature. Moreover, these types of shot glasses are available in a wide range of designs and shapes making them ideal for decorative purposes as well.

Steel shot glasses are available in a limited range of designs and are hence aesthetically less appealing than glass shot glasses. They mostly feature a plain design without any of the intricate shapes as found in their glass counterparts.

Drinking Experience

Glass shot glasses offer the best drinking experience when compared to steel. Its aesthetic qualities certainly have an impact when drinking, and due to this, most drinkers prefer them to other types. Besides, glass being an inert material does not in any way affect the contents stored inside whether whisky or any other type of liquor.

Steel shot glasses do not offer the same drinking experience provided by glass. Moreover, using steel shot glasses might not be a safe way to drink alcohol always, as it can react with the contents and cause variations in the flavor of the drink.

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