Properties to Look for When Buying Coffee Mugs

People often choose the perfect coffee mug to keep in check the ideal brewing temperature and to make the most out of an instant coffee or a standard coffee with flavorful taste. The two best ways to ensure adequate heat is to choose a mug having a lid, but there are alternative ways to make it work too. Even though plastic coffee mugs with double-thick insulation are mostly free of Bisphenol A, people often prefer the glass counterparts to drink hot coffee. Apart from the material quality, below are three more aspects of glass coffee mugs that make it ideal for use on a daily basis at home or office.

The Ease of Handling

In any type of mug, the standard feature is the handle, although there are some products that claim to be “coffee mugs” without a handle. However, the handle on your coffee mug would allow you to hold the mug with utmost ease and avoid the chances of spilling as seen with paper cups with cardboard sleeves. Moreover, paper cups won’t retain heat quite efficiently as glass mugs do, so it may be difficult to hold the rather warm cup.

The Layers of Insulation

The twin-wall insulation in glass coffee cups retains the heat from escaping the mug when exposed to air better than one-wall insulation mugs could. The glass coffee mugs with double-wall insulation are heat resistant and stay impervious to the oil quotient found in the coffee beans. In fact, the insulation in the coffee mug ensures to keep the drink piping hot for long periods. Additionally, the heat retention property in the mug also helps people to drink the coffee in its truest taste.

The Aspect of Durability

Double wall glasses are ideal for drinking coffee or any other hot beverage, since the insulation helps in retaining heat besides keeping the drink free of odor or apparent residue. In addition to that, such glass cups made of high-quality borosilicate material, which ensures that the mugs withstand thermal shock as well. When you are planning to buy a coffee mug, make sure that the durability of the mug meets with your satisfactory standards.

Oftentimes, it is the heat retention property of the coffee mug, which contributes to the durability besides the material quality of the mug. Besides, the toughened glass mugs can withstand daily usage and allow you to enjoy the beverage in its truest flavor.

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