Three Advantages of Using Small Cocktail Glasses

Choosing between a large or small cocktail glass is certainly a big decision while purchasing one. The size clearly influences the drinking experience as it can determine how much content it can hold or the ease of handling.

A smaller cocktail glass has some extra benefits when compared to a larger one. Understanding these crucial differences is helpful when buying cocktail glasses of the perfect size whether for the home bar or for professional bartending. Below are three advantages of using small cocktail glasses.

It Helps to Retain the Chill

One of the qualities of small cocktail glasses is that it can retain the coldness and chill of the content for much longer time than large cocktail glasses. The lack of chill can have a detrimental effect on the taste of some cocktails especially Martinis. This is especially the case with large cocktail glasses as the chill can dissipate fast causing the drink to become identical with the room temperature.

On the other hand, small cocktail glasses, due to its lesser surface area, can help retain the coldness and chill for longer. This will maintain the flavor of the drink up to the last drop.

Better Balance

Small cocktail glasses have better balance when compared to large glasses. Mostly with large cocktail glasses, there is always the risk of the drink being spilled when filled to the brim. The wider conical bowls of large cocktail glasses cause it to become imbalanced and tipping over.

Smaller cocktail glasses, in contrast, have a low center of gravity when compared to a large glass. Its normal sized bowls correspond to the size of the base pedestal, thus preventing it from getting tipper over when full. Besides, they are also more comfortable to handle.

Stylistically Better

Smaller cocktail glasses were mainly used during the mid-twentieth century when they were the standard sizes of glasses for serving drinks. The size of cocktail glasses has expanded with the increase in the area of the conical bowls, the height of the stem, and the width of the base.

Apparently, it is rather cumbersome to hold a large cocktail glass even though it could hold more content than a smaller one. However, enjoying cocktails is better off when done in specific dosages prescribed in ounces and small cocktail glasses can hold the content at the right ounces. Small cocktail glasses are the ideal stylistic choice for enjoying old and vintage cocktails.

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